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25 January 2011 @ 06:36 pm


Special Chapter ~ New Years Eve~


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06 November 2010 @ 12:12 pm

Family 5

Special chapter~ Daddy’s Birthday



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12 October 2010 @ 08:52 pm
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31 December 2008 @ 05:02 pm
konbanchiwa minna san.... first of all.. i wanna say..."HAPPY NEW YEAR".. otsukare sama deshita for this year. hope we can make live better in next year... better about friendship, about love , about all ...^^... and don't forgeting the previous year.. coz, this year can made our live more better... ^^

yaaa.. finally, my problem has been finished... i really feel fine now. thanks to all staff toma indo who make me feel better. and forgive me to yamapink... i know.. that is my fault, and maybe i made this problem more big.. gomenasai...hehehe... saaa... cmon make the next year more better than this year..^^ with toma..

anyway,, you know what .. TOMAPI BIG NEWS...mugyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... toma came to NewS concert at tokyo dome with MatsuJun. . and toma sang WEEEEK with yamapi in yamapi's part... saikouuuu... rabu rabu tomapi....



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30 December 2008 @ 06:10 pm
*i write with indonesia .... i feel so confused*

hah.. banyak banget masalah akhir2 ini... lha dan kawan2 bikin toma indo.. dan masalah bermunculan antar fans toma and you know what?? semua jadi terkesan berblock2..
padahal kita sama2 fandom toma, padahal kita satu tujuan yaitu ngefans ama toma, tapi kenapa slah paham ini harus ada??? lha yakin toma bakalan sedih kalo ada fansnya yang saling salahpaham kayak gini. we love toma.. we care about toma...and i'm sure toma will be happy if his fans can peaceful... huaaaa.. sad banget..

buat para member toma indo yang ngerasa kita salah paham ama kalian.. kita mohon ayo kita saling ngerti .. ayo sama2 maju and perjuangin kebersamaan sesama istri toma. gw tau , lo semua gag berharap hal yang kayak gini.. makanya ayo sama2 hilangin yang namanya slah paham ini.. ayo sama-sama majuin toma-indo ...

thats it....


lha harap semua ini cepet berlalu.... dan fans toma damai sentosa... gag ada yang saling jelek2in.. gag ada yang saling menghina satu sama lain... we are same... sama2 istri toma... ayo berjalan sama2 ..
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16 August 2008 @ 06:38 pm
been a long time until i write this. today is my mom's birthday and my friend birthday.. lots people birthday today... *sigh*.. but i'm glad... my mom's birthday, so i can eat her birthday cake*kick myself*... hahhaha... any way, i haven't greeting...


i hope i can make my mom's always happy in her life. now, my mother is 35th years old,, i think she still young...hhhahahaha.. however,, i always pray for her happiness.... love u mom...^^

and don't forget to greet for my dear friend..'ayla'...


i always pray for her too. she's my dear friend,, i hope she can more and more kind, more and more beutiful..hahaha, more and more keep our friendship. anyway... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BOTH OF YOU.....

wish u all the best everywere, everytime.. i love u mom's, i love u ayla.... ^^

and,, minna just it i can say now.. have a nice day,, have a funny day,,, wish me luck until 3 month... GANBARE ATASHI.... ^_^..
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24 July 2008 @ 06:23 pm
ooh...... jin, kame, Pi dominate the polling....... toma still 4th rank..... please keep vote...
as you know, toma doesn't have group, he just jr position..but you know,, his popularity can more than JE who was debuted. i'm so glad. he have multitalent,, no matter he debut or not, toma keep popular than else. btw, do you know that hanakimi will be air at september??? i can wait again. i'm wait for hanakimi for a month ago.... i hope hanakimi really really air..... i miss nakatsu... i miss osaka gakuen...... ^^
anyway,, tomorrow is day for maou ep 4..... keep watching minna.... i don't know how rate for maou ep3.... i hope rate can more and more high..... maou is really great. sadness, lonelieness, tears... and all. whatever in the end of this film is very tragic... but i really like this dorama. oh-chan really great... he looks dark and full of sadness... toma-kun super great..... he looks full of pain because his past... MAOU really really great.so please keep looking forward for maou. anyway what the day now??? now is CODE BLUE day.
code blue its really great too. yamapi really really kakkoii... he looks doctor profesional...

i'm bored minna... i have to keep training for work until 3 month... kyaaaaaaaaa.......... can I work hard?? i will work hard... i want make my parents smile,, proud of me

saa minna... i'll do my best for 3 month.

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21 July 2008 @ 05:59 pm
yo minna.... i have a link for vote jhonny's populer......

check this link...


please vote toma...... i hope toma's poll will be  higher... now in position first is AKANISHI JIN in KATTUN ,,, and position 2nd is YAMASHITA TOMOHISA and position 3rd  is KAZUYA KAMENASHI in KATTUN .... i hope polling for toma can higher than KAME, JIN and YAMAPI.... . and you know, toma in position 4th.... after kame.... and after toma is yamada ryousuke in hey! say! jump... please keep vote for toma...........

anyway,, i'm not looking for maou ep 2 and 3.... kyaaaaa..... i really really want watching maou. i'm sure, maou its very amusing....... i hope i can watching maou complete...wakakakkakak....

now is my first day in company for training. i'm very nervous because this is my first day. but, after i'm finishing my work, i'm so glad.. hahaha. minna .... pray for me,, i hope i can doing my best...

ya.... i'll do my best from now... like toma...

see ya...^^
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12 July 2008 @ 02:43 pm
yesterday is maou day.. have minna watching it???? yeah... i hope i'm in japan and then can see the great maou. i don't have internet connection for watching it. but ep 1 is really really great. i'm so glad see it in streaming site. i can't wait for looking maou ep 2....... T_T.. but i don't have any connection for know it.. have minna give me information for where i can see maou without streaming site??????


i'm bored again today. i feel sick. i am cough. do you have medicine?? hahahhahahahha.....


saa minna... just it... keep watching maou and code blue. yah,, code blue is great too. please looking forward for both maou and code blue. make rate become high, more and more higher.

see ya.. ^_^
09 July 2008 @ 04:15 pm
i'm very shocked when i hear my boyfriend will break up our bound,,,, i'm so sad right now,, nande atashi??? now, i think i can't find my happiness in my love life. but i'm still glad cause i have toma. i can smile if i think of him. but,,, why he suddenly broke it??

i want crying,,but i can't. i don't want see my friend and all people around me sad. i'm very dear all. especially toma. yeah...


i'm bored,,


anyway,, i'm not looking for MAOU cause i don't have internet conection T_T. but i'm wait it. i hope i can see it. by the way, rate for maou just 14%. but i don't care for rating,, i hope everyone will be enjoy watching it.....

please keep looking forward for MAOU and CODE BLUE. make this rating higher.. see ya..